Pensions for New Trustees - 15 November 2012

Tuesday 28 February 2012

New trustees are given 6 months from the date of their appointment to get up to speed with the Trustee Knowledge and Understanding (TKU) requirements.
This interactive seminar is designed to be a pain free way of helping to meet these requirements. Using case studies, Ian Cormican, Zoe Lynch and Stuart O'Brien, will cover the basics of TKU, as well as looking in-depth at trustee discretions and scheme funding.
You will have the opportunity to ask questions and also to share your experiences.
What is TKU?
The TKU requirements came into force in April 2006 and are backed by the Pensions Regulator's code of practice (and specific guidance documents).
Trustees need to be "conversant" with their scheme's:

  • trust deed and rules;
  • statement of investment principles (SIP); 
  • the statement of funding principles (if applicable); and  
  • "any other document recording policy for the time being adopted by the trustees relating to the administration of the scheme generally".

Trustees are to have "knowledge and understanding" of:

  • the law relating to pensions and trusts;
  • the principles relating to funding and investment.

Welcome, registration and breakfast

9.30am Seminar commences

12.30am Further discussion, tea and coffee

Sackers' Client Centre
6th Floor, 20 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7JE


Ian Cormican, Partner 

Zoe Lynch, Partner

Stuart O'Brien, Partner