At Sackers we are committed to ensuring that the Coronavirus outbreak causes minimal disruption for our clients, and have taken several steps to ensure it is ‘business as usual’. On this page you will find information on how we are managing this situation, along with some tips for trustees and employers and additional resources you may find useful.

Remote working capability

All lawyers are issued with Surface Pro laptops – these act as both our usual “desktop” computers (linked in to larger monitors) and are of course fully mobile too. From the Surface Pros we can securely access all our applications and office information from any location in exactly the same way that we do in the office. Staff are also issued with smartphones for work purposes with the full range of telephony options. Remote working has long been commonplace amongst our lawyers so is tried and tested.

In light of the Coronavirus situation and the restrictions being put in place, we are now operating a model in which all of our lawyers are working remotely. The remote systems have been tested to make sure they can support the increased numbers using remote access and new equipment has been issued where it has been necessary to support an extended period of working from home. Staff working in support roles have all been issued with equipment to enable them to work from home as well.

Our ‘Top tips for working remotely’ can be downloaded here.

Conference and video calling

Client teams are in regular contact with one another and are accessible by telephone and email as usual. They all have the facility to join meetings by telephone, webex, Skype and other systems commonly used by our clients.

All external meetings have been set up as conference calls or are taking place by other alternative methods. Our emergency response team is monitoring the situation closely to ensure things are working as normal.

Our ‘Virtual meeting etiquette’ guide has some useful hints and tips to ensure trustee meetings go smoothly. Download it here.

Printed copies of our publications

We will continue to send digital copies of all our Briefings, Alerts and 7 Days as normal to everyone on our mailing lists. We have decided not to send out any printed publications by post at this time, but these will be available after the event should you need them.

Sending documents to our office

Clients are advised not to send documents or other material to our office, as there will not be anyone there to receive them. Please speak to your usual Sackers contact in the first instance.

Contact us

Get in touch with your usual Sackers contact if you would like more information about any of the above or contact us by email at