Aegon UK’s Independent Governance Committee publishes first annual report

Aegon UK’s Independent Governance Committee, chaired by Sackers’ senior partner Ian Pittaway, has published its first annual report. This sets out 10 value for money principles and confirms support for Aegon UK’s approach to delivering on these.

Ian Pittaway said: “The introduction of IGS adds a further layer of protection to members of workplace personal pensions, providing insight into the value for money they are receiving. Value for money means different things to different people in different situations. The IGC, with extensive input from Aegon UK’s customers, has developed a set of value for money principles which are set out in our first Annual Report and which we’ll judge Aegon UK against. To us, value for money means: a fair charge for services received; valuable investment solutions; quality benefits and services; and effective communication and engagement with customers.”

Read the full report here.

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