AMNT launches Red Line Voting initiative

The Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) has launched what it calls a ‘groundbreaking initiative’ to help pension schemes that invest in pooled funds do so ethically, by directing how the votes associated with the companies they invest in are cast.

The ‘red lines’ consist of 37 actions or practices the AMNT believes should always be opposed. Schemes can adopt all of the red lines, or chose a subsection, and instruct their asset manager to vote accordingly. The red lines will cover the full ESG (environmental, social and governance) remit.

Stuart O’Brien, Partner, says of the initiative:

“Trustees are often keen to adopt active responsible investment policies but find this difficult in practice with limited governance time to devote to the issue. This is particularly the case where small schemes are concerned. The AMNT’s Red Line Voting initiative provides a great opportunity for trustees to engage more actively with their stewardship responsibilities and exercise their voting rights as investors.”

Sackers are an official partner of the AMNT which promotes best practice amongst member nominated trustees, especially in the area of scheme governance.

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