Finance & investment

We offer cutting edge advice to trustees and employers on all aspects of pension scheme finance and investment.

Trustees are implementing increasingly sophisticated investment solutions to achieve asset growth and to manage risk. Our finance and investment lawyers have unrivalled experience advising in this area. We are at the forefront of liability management advising our clients on longevity swaps, collateralised buy-ins and LDI mandates.

Employers are also exploring innovative solutions to scheme funding and looking increasingly towards contingent assets such as guarantees, escrow arrangements and, at the more complex end of the spectrum, asset-backed funding vehicles. We have advised clients on a broad range of contingent assets and funding structures so we understand the issues that commonly arise for both trustees and employers.

This experience, together with our focus on pension schemes as investors and our involvement in industry bodies in this area, enables us to offer cutting edge advice while being pragmatic and commercially minded.

How we can help