Sackers’ thought leadership results from practical experience. We use this practical experience and unique position as specialist lawyers to respond to Government consultations on pensions and to add to the debate on pensions.

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DC Schemes

22/02/2017: Bulk transfers of DC pensions... More

Pension liberation

14/02/2017: Pension scams - Sackers' response... More


13/01/2017: Equalising pensions for the effect... More

DB Schemes

30/12/2016: Overseas pension transfers and... More

DC Schemes

07/10/2016: ICAEW: Assurance reporting on... More


09/09/2016: 21st Century Trusteeship and Governance... More

Public Sector Pensions

22/08/2016: Local Government Pension Scheme... More

DB Schemes

15/07/2016: PLSA DB taskforce: call for evidence... More

Benefit design

14/07/2016: British Steel Pension Scheme -... More

Scheme Governance

14/07/2016: ICSA consultation: The practice... More

Quarterly May 2016 – Secondary annuity market


27/03/2017: 7 days - 27 March 2017 More

20/03/2017: 7 days - 20 March 2017 More

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Transfers - getting a discharge More

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Greenwood v ASW Pension Plan (Pensions Ombudsman) - 31 March 2005 More

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