Quarterly briefing – June 2017


The Sackers Quarterly Briefing Q2 2017 (PDF, 1.5 MB) highlights significant developments in pensions, covering key areas such as pensions reform, regulatory developments, new legislation and cases.

On the horizon

DB schemes

  • Green Paper on DB pensions
  • PLSA DB Taskforce
  • Employer debt

DC schemes

  • Master trust regulation
  • Costs and charges


  • Finance Act 2017 – what’s in?
  • Finance Act 2017 – what’s out?

General pension reforms

  • State Pension Age reform
  • Contracting-out

Automatic enrolment

  • Update on recent developments


  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • HM Treasury
  • Pension Protection Fund
  • The Pensions Regulator


  • Supreme Court
  • High Court
  • Employment Tribunal

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Case Summaries

Mrs X v Kingfisher Pension Trustee Limited and Kingfisher plc (Pensions Ombudsman) - 22 March 2016 (re contribution calculations) More

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