Sackers commits to Mindful Business Charter

Sackers has signed the Mindful Business Charter, joining a wide range of businesses and professional service firms who are committed to fostering better working practices for mental health and wellbeing. The Charter, originally launched in 2018, brings organisations and their service providers together to reach a shared agenda for mental health and wellbeing.

At an event marking World Mental Health Day, Sackers pledged its commitment to abide by a set of principles centred on openness and respect for each other, improved communication, respect for working hours and considerate delegation of tasks.

The Mindful Business Charter provides organisations and individuals with the framework, permission and challenge to dare to be different and to work together across the business community to rehumanise the workplace. Its focus on creating an open and respectful culture and dialogue seeks to ensure that whatever the broader context in which we are being required to work, how we work and how we interact with each other should be thoughtful, mindful, and shaped as far as possible to eliminate unnecessary stress so that we can all thrive.

Sackers partner Eleanor Daplyn said:

“Becoming a signatory to the Mindful Business Charter felt like the natural next step for us at Sackers. We have always aimed to create a working environment where everyone can thrive. The principles enshrined in the MBC of addressing the avoidable stresses in our working practices to promote healthier and more effective ways of working are ones we fully support.”

Richard Martin, CEO of The Mindful Business Charter, said:

“I am thrilled to be formally welcoming Sackers to The Mindful Business Charter. MBC has always been ambitious. When I first sat down with the founders in 2018 to discuss our aims, one was that we would no longer be needed in five years’ time. Sadly we haven’t managed that yet but we continue to make progress. At its heart MBC is a community of employers coming together to share ideas, learning and challenges, knowing that together we will make so much more of a difference than if we were working alone.”

Further information on the Mindful Business Charter can be found at