Sackers joins new industry coalition to tackle UK pension inequalities

The Pensions Equity Group (PEG), a new industry coalition, was launched today to work together to tackle pension inequalities in the UK. Jacqui Reid, partner, and Emily Rowley, senior associate, are proud to be members.

The Group has been launched because many in our society are not saving enough for retirement. It wants large companies and pension scheme providers to do more to support their members and colleagues.  Working together, the Group has the following aims.

  • Develop a way of consistently measuring pensions inequalities, beginning with the Gender Pensions Gap
  • Work with government and policymakers to achieve positive change
  • Share best practice approaches to help employers address inequalities
  • Find practical tools to empower individuals
  • Highlight potential product developments across the industry that will help to drive greater equity.

Jacqui Reid, partner and member of PEG, said: “I am passionate about tackling the systemic barriers that disproportionately impact certain parts of our society. At Sackers, we want to do what we can to work with others in the pensions industry to tear down these barriers so that more people can secure the retirement they deserve, irrespective of their gender or background.”

Emily Rowley, senior associate, added: “I am excited to see what can be achieved when we come together to pool ideas and expertise. I hope that PEG will lead the way in showing the industry what can be done when we work together to strive to influence retirement outcomes.”