Sackers signs up to GAIN

We are delighted to announce that we have become a corporate member of the Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment and Neurodiversity (GAIN), as a further demonstration of our commitment to ED&I.  We are also proud to be only the second law firm to do so.

GAIN is a community interest organisation, which is committed to championing neurodiversity through an industry-wide initiative to create neuro-inclusive workspaces, as well as improving the employment prospects of neurodivergent people in insurance, investment and related areas of financial services (including the pensions industry).  GAIN has also created a “community hub” for both neurodivergent individuals and their allies.

We are looking forward to working with GAIN to help make our office and working practices more neuro-inclusive and benefiting from GAIN’s industry specific support, advice and guidance.  As a first step, GAIN will undertake an assessment to benchmark Sackers against similar sized organisations, including conducting bespoke surveys and reviewing communications

David Saunders, senior partner of Sackers, said: “Sackers has a long tradition of championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  We want all our staff to excel.  Our membership of GAIN is an important step in enhancing our support for neurodivergent colleagues and industry partners.  Making Sackers as neuroinclusive a place to work and meet as possible will benefit us and our clients.”

Liselle Appleby, Supervisory Member of GAIN, states, “We are delighted to welcome Sackers as the latest corporate member of GAIN.  As a market leader in the pensions and retirement savings industry, Sackers is committed to investing in a neuroinclusive culture encompassing universal design principles that will benefit employees, clients, and the business as a whole.”