Contingency planning in the shadow of the Pension Schemes Act webinar

GMP equalisation, tax

In partnership with Lincoln and ITS Limited, Sackers explores the practical impact of TPR’s new powers granted by the Pension Schemes Act.

The Pension Schemes Act 2021 represents the largest shift in the legislative landscape for pensions since the 2004 Pensions Act, with eye catching new powers for the Pensions Regulator sitting alongside new disclosure requirements, long-term objective setting and the long-awaited DC pensions dashboard.

In the DB world, much has already been said about the wide-ranging nature of TPR’s new powers and the potential implications, such as an increase in clearance applications.

Less has been said, however, about the practical impact on trustee and employer decision-making and how these powers might play out in practice.

Peter Murphy, Luke Hartley (Lincoln Pensions) and Tegs Harding (ITS) explore some of the considerations using a practical scenario.