Corporate Social Responsibility

“Friendly, responsive and professional.”

Environmental awareness and social responsibility shape how we run our firm. The financial risks arising from climate change are relevant to everyone. Our plans for the business have responses to that challenge as core objectives.

The importance of ESG and climate change risks is brought into even sharper focus because we have taken the lead in keeping our clients abreast of this rapidly evolving topic. Taking a thought leadership role amongst pensions advisers, we have developed valuable resources to educate and drive the industry debate.

We also seek to ensure that everyone in our supply chains is treated fairly, and to engage with charities to make a direct positive impact on the society we live and work in today.

The environment

We have a clear objective as a firm to reduce the environmental impact of every aspect of the business.
Current initiatives include:

  • membership of the Legal Sustainability Alliance
  • partner-led committee to identify key initiatives, show commitment and lead the way
  • membership of our building’s multi-tenant environmental committee to identify and introduce technology to reduce energy and water consumption; and participating in programmes to educate and inform all users on best practices for using the building sustainably
  • partnerships with sustainability and recycling organisations.

Sustainable development

Sackers’ policy requires that everyone in our supply chain must have clear employment rights and be paid the Living Wage. We are proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer.

The firm also mandates that the products we use meet recognised environmental standards, and, where business travel is required, we aim to choose the most environmentally friendly option. 

Charitable support

We support a range of charities with a flagship beneficiary selected annually from staff nominations. Meeting monthly, our CSR committee identifies volunteering initiatives to support the flagship, and supports staff in their own fundraising activities for charities close to their heart. These include numerous fundraising events each year, with donations matched by the firm.

On an ongoing basis, we support Re-engage, a charity that works with communities to limit social isolation in older people.