Corporate Social Responsibility

At Sackers, we understand the importance of conducting our business activities in an environmentally aware and socially responsible manner. It affects how we want to run our firm and underpins our ambition to manage our footprint appropriately. We recognise that the financial risks of climate change are relevant to everyone and are working on how Sackers can best respond to that challenge as a firm.

This is brought into even sharper focus because we have taken the lead in keeping our clients abreast of this rapidly evolving topic and are widely recognised as a thought leader amongst pensions legal advisers, producing valuable resources and helping to shape the industry debate. You can read more about how we help our clients here.

We recognise that we have an impact that goes beyond our core business activities and as a result have a dedicated team who drive initiatives throughout Sackers as well as ensuring that our policies and training programmes are up to date. To deliver our activity in a meaningful way, we have four key areas of focus: the environment, sustainable development, charitable support and community action.

The environment

We actively participate in and support environmental initiatives within our building such as the introduction of motion sensitive lighting, use of low energy heating and ventilation systems, automated water taps and recycling. We are also members of the Legal Sustainability Alliance and aim to harness our environmental credentials in all that we do.

We view this as an area that the firm as a whole must embrace and we aim to inform and educate all our staff on the importance of ESG to our business. Our open and honest culture empowers staff to challenge each other on their behaviours and everybody is encouraged to think about how the firm can continue to further its aims. Whilst we have a partner-led committee to identify key initiatives and lead the way, without every member of the firm on board we cannot hope to be as successful as we want to be.

Sustainable development

We aim to avoid adverse social and environmental impact in our supply chain by purchasing products that meet recognised environmental standards and by reducing travel. All people in our supply chain must have clear employment rights and be paid the Living Wage. We are proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer.

We also aim to promote a culture that limits waste and excess. All our staff are encouraged to take personal responsibility and observe good habits to further our objectives in line with our environmental policy. For example, our approach to business travel encourages staff to recognise the importance of the environment as a key consideration in deciding whether and how to travel to business meetings. Where business travel is required, staff aim to choose the most environmentally friendly option.

In addition, we encourage staff to spend time on environmental projects. This has included a number of staff joining our building’s ‘green team’ alongside the other tenants. The team meets regularly to discuss ways of improving the building’s overall efficiency and environmental credentials. Initiatives arising out of this include a partnership with a clothes recycling organisation and regular educational visits from the building’s waste management company to educate and inform.

Charitable support

We support a range of charities with a flagship charity selected annually from nominations made by staff members. We run a wide variety of fundraising events through the year and match donations made. We also support Re-engage, a charity that works with communities to limit social isolation in older people. The firm’s CSR committee meets monthly to discuss fundraising opportunities and we also seek to support our chosen charity with any volunteering opportunities that may arise. In addition to supporting our charity of the year, we also support staff in their own fundraising for charities close to their heart.

Community action

All staff are encouraged to participate in a range of social initiatives aimed at widening access to the legal profession and we have partnered with a number of organisations over the past few years to engage with students from a range of backgrounds. We operate a timebank to allow staff to participate in such activities during working hours. Initiatives have included a head to head interview programme in a variety of schools within Greater London and a series of legal workshops with school students to develop the critical thinking skills required as a lawyer.