Our culture

Sackers has a distinctive culture. In part this is because everything we do is geared towards ensuring we give top quality legal advice on pensions issues to our clients.

However, the culture is also formed by the individuals who make up the firm.  People at all levels of the business are down to earth, approachable and reasonable. There is a respect for the individual and an acknowledgement that individual differences can provide a more rounded service to our diverse range of clients.

What we value

  • Excellence. Because pensions is all that we do, it is important that we do it extremely well. We cannot rely on other practice areas to feed us work or clients. We stand or fall on our own ability to generate work and do a good job for our clients
  • Commercial and pragmatic solutions for our clients. We often get involved with issues that are at the cutting edge of pensions law and this requires our lawyers to be able to think matters through from first principles and to have the courage to suggest new approaches
  • Client care. Pensions issues play out over a long period and many of our clients have been with us for a long time. We like to think of ourselves as trusted business advisers, not simply lawyers.