Who we advise

A great team of experienced lawyers who have seen it all.

As the UK’s leading specialist law firm for pensions and retirement savings, we advise all those with responsibility for running a trust or contract-based pension arrangement. Most of our clients are trustees and sponsoring employers of occupational pension schemes, including several master trusts and more of the UK’s top 200 pension schemes than any other law firm. A testament to the quality of our advice and dedication to client service, we have worked with many for over 25 years; some, for over 50. 

We also advise employers on their corporate pensions strategies, dealing with open and legacy DB arrangements and helping them to navigate their way through the complexities of the regulatory requirements affecting their DC arrangements too. This means there is rarely an issue that we have not seen before, ensuring our advice to clients is based on experience and can be delivered cost-effectively.

And, as the regulatory regimes of TPR and the FCA converge and the nature of the wrapper around pension savings matters less and less, we are increasingly advising master trusts, IGCs, insurers and personal pension providers.


In recent years, a number of occupational schemes have moved to a sole trustee model. We recognise that sole trustees are experienced pension professionals and the decision makers on all aspects of running a scheme. The relationship we develop with sole trustees, and the legal advice we provide, reflects that different dynamic. We provide support in a number of ways, ranging from a “behind the scenes” approach to a more active role in meetings with the sponsor and other advisers. 

Law firms

We also act for other law firms without a pensions practice of their own. For some firms, we provide a whole range of services; for others we provide advice in specific limited areas such as transactional support and pensions litigation. Whatever level of service we provide, these law firms benefit from our specialist expertise and industry experience, founded on our market-leading client base.