Quarterly briefing – June 2022

The Sackers Quarterly Briefing Q2 2022 highlights significant developments in pensions, covering key areas such as pensions reform, regulatory developments, new legislation and cases.

In this briefing

Current legal agenda

Spotlight: increase in NMPA

Pension Schemes Act 2021

  • Pensions dashboards: preparatory work begins
  • CDC: multi-employer schemes by end of 2022 / early 2023
  • Notifiable events: awaiting final regulations
  • DB scheme funding: regulations expected before the summer

Climate change

DC update

  • DWP consultation on facilitating investment in illiquid assets
  • TPR updates DC guidance for stronger nudge
  • GMP equalisation

In other news

  • Scheme funding: TPR publishes annual funding statement
  • Data protection: International Data Transfer Agreement comes into force
  • Ban on corporate directors: BEIS responds to 2020 consultation
  • Auto-enrolment: Bill fails to progress through Parliament
  • Scheme pays: changes introduced from 6 April 2022


  • Punter Southall Governance Services Ltd v Benge & Anor (High Court, 1 February 2022)
  • Moan v HMRC (Tax Tribunal, 4 April 2022)
  • T v T (Family Court, 10 November 2021)