Quarterly briefing – March 2022

The Sackers Quarterly Briefing Q1 2022 highlights significant developments in pensions, covering key areas such as pensions reform, regulatory developments, new legislation and cases.

In this briefing

Current legal agenda

Spotlight: Stronger Nudge

Pension Schemes Act 2021

  • Climate Change: TPR guidance on climate-related risks and opportunities
  • Pensions Dashboards: consultation and draft regulations published
  • Notifiable events: final regulations expected
  • CDC: final regulations and TPR draft code published
  • TPR’s powers: TPR code comes into force
  • DB funding: further delays to TPR’s code

TPR update

DC update

  • Ban on flat fees for small pots
  • Consultation on enabling investment in productive finance (charge cap and performance fees)

In other news

  • GMP Conversion Bill has Government support
  • Auto-enrolment: Private Member’s Bill introduced to Parliament
  • State pension: DWP launches second SPA review

PPF update


  • Court of Appeal
  • TPO