Sackers publishes its eighth ESG guide for trustees

Our latest ESG guide “ESG beyond climate: What else is on the agenda?” has just been published and is now available to download from our website here, as well as all our previous guides.

Stuart O’Brien, partner and Chair of PCRIG, comments: “Over the last few years trustees have been focused on climate-related issues. Now, over two years into climate-related governance and reporting obligations applying to the largest schemes, nearly all schemes to which such regulations apply have published at least one TCFD report. But ESG is not all about climate. In this latest guide, we cast the net a little wider and look at other aspects of ESG which are becoming increasingly relevant to pension trustees.

We consider how the recent TNFD recommendations might apply to trustees getting to grips with nature-related risks, examine what crossover for trust-based schemes might come from the new SDR for FCA-regulated entities and look at the draft guidance from the TSF, the DWP’s Guidance on SIPs and implementation statements and TPR’s General Code. In addition, we briefly revisit the issue of trustee fiduciary duty which we have examined more extensively in previous guides.”