Webinar: Race to the finish line – key considerations for handing over your DC or DB pension scheme

Tuesday 1 February 2022

We find ourselves at the starting line of the next pensions race – this time, it involves employers and trustees handing over much of their responsibility for managing DC and DB pension scheme promises to third parties, and then winding up their company pension schemes. Should you be considering taking a similar approach?

Join us on 1st February where experts from Hymans Robertson’s DC and DB teams, in partnership with Helen Ball, will share insights including:

  • An overview of the current pensions provider market;
  • Why employers are handing over pensions responsibility to others;
  • The steps you should think about if you want to do the same and the best time to do so;
  • Potential pitfalls of a handover and how these can be managed;
  • How to make sure that the end result meets your expectations.

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Webinar commences 10.00am

Webinar ends 11.00am