DB governance

The significant challenges and changes faced by those running pension arrangements mean the need for effective governance has never been greater.

Our governance experts help establish and improve governance frameworks. We understand the law that underpins them so we can find governance solutions that address legal issues and work for your scheme.

More than ever, trustees and employers need to ensure their governance measures are not merely there to tick boxes but provide a meaningful process to encourage sound, transparent decision making and to manage risk effectively. External scrutiny has created added impetus, with TPR  increasingly focusing on the promotion of good governance through its 21st century trusteeship initiative.

We help our clients meet their governance requirements by ensuring the efficient running of boards through business planning, effective use of sub-committees and delegation, and by reviewing existing governance arrangements to ensure they remain suitable for current needs and circumstances.

Good governance achieves good outcomes for members whilst contributing significantly to risk and cost management. We tailor governance solutions for conflicts of interest, data protection and other key operational areas to suit scheme needs and the demands of specific projects as well as preparing and advising on risk registers and policy documents relating to anti-bribery, whistleblowing and other aspects of compliance.

Recent experience

  • Reviewing trustee skills and effectiveness, assisting with identifying skills gaps, providing training and input on MNT selection, including sitting on panels
  • Advising on the governance aspects of combined trustee boards and updating arrangements to reflect the board’s role as trustee to multiple schemes
  • Updating scheme governance as circumstances change and to reflect closure to accrual, investment derisking, scheme mergers and bulk transfers
  • Day-to-day queries relating to governance where we provide practical answers designed to support the running of the scheme
  • Advising on effective and efficient investment governance and integrated risk strategies, that comply with TPR’s DB investment guidance.