We are experienced in every area of pensions and retirement savings law. Whether you are a trustee, employer, insurance company, master trust, or personal pension provider, we are committed to helping you solve your legal issues. Our ability to find solutions to the most complex of legal problems, and our track record of working on groundbreaking and innovative matters, enables us to deliver outstanding personal partner-led service to all our clients. And our position at the heart of the industry enables us to keep on top of all the latest developments and evolve our offering to make sure we continue to meet client needs.

Corporate activity

They get to the heart of the issue and their advice
is clear, concise and adds value.”

Employers face stringent rules governing pensions-related activities, and heavy penalties if they fall on the wrong side of TPR. The funding of DB pensions arrangements also plays a critical role in M&A transactions, while both DB and DC arrangements are subject to an increasing array of governance and compliance obligations. 

We advise both employers and trustees on corporate activity, with unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience enabling us to take a commercial and pragmatic view on the best approach for each client.

Strategy and funding

We help clients assess their legal obligations and options when it comes to funding all types of  workplace pension arrangements, advising trustees, employers and corporate investors. This advice ranges from corporate pension strategies, addressing concerns such as managing DB risk, the implementation of funding, covenant and security solutions through to making wholesale changes to DC arrangements, such as moving to a master trust.

Trustee advisory 

Advising trustees on the impact of corporate activity on their pension schemes is central to what we do, helping to identify the key ramifications of what’s being proposed and to devise appropriate steps to minimise risk. 

We are highly experienced in advising trustees, including those with an overseas sponsor, and encourage proactive engagement with the sponsor. We also advise on planning for corporate mergers, acquisitions and disposals, helping to put in place contingent assets or other funding arrangements when needed. Other areas we assist with include scenario planning, developing defence protocols, information sharing agreements and negotiating with new owners.

We also advise employers on the impact of their pension arrangement, deepening our insight into the potential pitfalls for trustees to avoid.

Employer advisory

We advise many employer clients on an ongoing basis, covering issues such as:

  • funding and covenant risk, including providing contingent assets and arrangements to avoid trapped surplus
  • DC consolidation
  • automatic enrolment
  • assessing health and group risk arrangements
  • international arrangements for entities with overseas stakeholders
  • outsourcing arrangements.

Law firms

We are often asked to provide services to other law firms who do not have the appropriate resources or expertise themselves, or where conflicts prevent their own pensions experts from acting.  Our experience covers all types of transaction and transactional structures, from private mergers to distressed schemes. 

Many transactions have an international element and we regularly advise clients with no prior knowledge of the UK pensions system. Communicating pensions issues clearly is one of our many strengths. 

Key contact

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