Webinar: DC strategic priorities for 2024

Monday 18 September 2023

This webinar, held in partnership with Independent Governance Group, is aimed at those running DC occupational pension arrangements. Against a backdrop of increasing regulation, TPR scrutiny and market consolidation, we will look ahead to 2024 and focus on the issues of most importance. Our experts will give both the legal and the trustee perspective, providing practical tips and guidance about what you can be doing now to get ahead of the curve.

Topics to be covered include:

• Cyber: this will remain high on agendas in 2024. We will explain what good cyber preparation looks like, building on insights from recent high profile cyber incidents and providing practical pointers on what work can be done now to meet the higher standards on cyber expected by TPR in the forthcoming General Code.
• Value for members: the regulators’ response to its industry-wide consultation clarifies that investment decisions should be made on the basis of long-term returns and not simply cost. It is clear there will be a fundamental sea change in assessing and reporting on value for members. Early preparation for this is key. We will look at what DC arrangements need to be doing to get ready.
• Dashboards: now that the Government has announced the single connection deadline, what should schemes be doing? We will also look at some of the challenges we are seeing in practice for DC arrangements and how these can be overcome.
• DC investment challenges and illiquid assets: the regulators are championing the use of illiquid assets in DC arrangements through new disclosure requirements coming into force on 1 October 2023. This is part of a wider push by government to unlock pension assets to assist with its levelling up agenda. We will explain what the new requirements mean from a practical perspective and give some useful tips on what to watch out for when investing in and reporting on illiquid assets.

By joining this event you can claim 1 hour of structured CPD under the PMI CPD scheme.

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12.30pm Webinar commences

1.30pm Webinar ends