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21/05/2020: United Biscuits (Pension Trustees) Limited v HMRC (AG’s Opinion, 14 May 2020) More

18/05/2020: Ove Arup v Trustees of the Arup UK Pension Scheme (High Court, 5 May 2020) More

06/05/2020: Mr N (PO-22730): employer responsible for notifying member of changes to late retirement factors More

04/05/2020: Carr v Thales Pension Trustees Ltd (High Court, 22 April 2020) More

23/04/2020: WM Morrison Supermarkets plc (“Morrisons”) v Various Claimants (Supreme Court, 1 April 2020) More

12/02/2020: Atos IT Services UK Limited v Atos Pension Schemes Limited (High Court, 27 January 2020) More

20/12/2019: PSV v Bauer (Judgment of the CJEU – 19 December 2019) More

24/10/2019: Ms N (PO-22236) (PO orders transfer where provider delay caused unauthorised payment) More

09/10/2019: Safeway v Newton (CJEU – 7 October 2019) More

04/10/2019: Mrs H (PO-21489) (Failure to carry out proper due diligence on a transfer) More