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Hot Topic: Cyber Security – is your scheme prepared? – February 2024

TPR’s new general code of practice is expected to come into force in late March 2024 and contains a new module on cyber controls. With some recent high profile cyber-attacks in the pensions industry, this is a good opportunity for...

Data breach
New reasons to double down on efforts to build pension scheme cyber resilience

At a recent discussion forum on cyber risks for pension schemes, I was struck by a theme emerging from the questions being asked: that, while in the past cyber had been just another one of the risks that trustees should acknowledge, there...

Data breach
Need to report a data breach? Brushing up your data breach policies? Have a read of some new EU guidance

New guidelines on reporting data breaches were published in draft form in January this year by the body in charge of data protection rules in the EU (the “EDPB”). These new guidelines aren’t likely to apply to controllers who mainly...

Data breach
Progress on pension scams

Pension scams have once again been in the news over the last few weeks as it has been reported that since the “pension freedoms” were introduced in 2015, approximately 40,000 people in the UK have been scammed out of their...

Questions scheme website
Scheme websites – are you asking the right legal questions?

As life moves increasingly online, many trustees will be looking to set up or develop their scheme website. Communications specialists will clearly take the lead on a website project, but there are good reasons why trustees should also...

Data breach
Cyber security – a recap for trustees

Pension schemes hold large amounts of personal data which are key for providing benefits. However, this can make them a target for fraudsters and criminals who can use personal data to gain access to bank accounts or for identity theft. As...