We have an extensive programme of workshops and lecture-style seminars. In addition to the Quarterly Legal Updates, seminars take the form of a focused discussion led by experts in the particular area. The workshop format gives clients the opportunity to share their own experiences.

Upcoming Seminars

Pensions for New Trustees (DB Schemes)

New trustees are given six months from the date of their appointment to get up to speed with the Trustee Knowledge and Understanding...More

Employer Forum

A forum designed to allow pension scheme employers to discuss key issues affecting their pension arrangements. Topics for discussion...More

Quarterly Legal Update Autumn 2015

Our AutumnĀ 2015 Quarterly Legal Update is designed to provide an essential overview to both employers and trustees of significant...More

7 Days

7 Days

A weekly round-up of developments in pensions

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GMPs: Basics More

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Woodcock v Cumbria Primary Care Trust (Court of Appeal) More

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