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Abbey National plc v Commissioners of Customs & Excise (European Court of Justice) - 4 May 2006

The ECJ ruled that although depositary services (which are services of supervision rather than management)... More

Aegon UK Corp Services Ltd v Roberts (Court of Appeal) - 21 July 2009

This case confirms that when employment tribunals are assessing compensation for unfair dismissal, tribunals... More

Alexander Forbes Trustee Services Ltd v Clarke & others (High Court) - 5 February 2008

This case was brought by Alexander Forbes Trustee Services Ltd in its capacity as trustee (the Trustee)... More

Alexander Forbes Trustee Services Ltd. v John Doe and Richard Roe (High Court) 16 December 2011

The High Court recently ruled that DC benefits were outside the winding-up priority order under the version... More

Alitalia-Linee Italiane SPA v Filippo Rotunno & others (High Court) - 8 February 2008

The case concerned an application to ascertain the basis on which the scheme needed to be funded, on the... More

Allied Domecq (Holdings) Limited v (1) Allied Domecq First Pension Trust Limited and (2) Allied Domecq Second Pension Trust Limited (High Court) - 7 December 2007

Background This case, brought in connection with two multi-employer schemes sponsored by Allied Domecq... More

Allied Domecq (Holdings) Ltd v Allied Domecq First Pension Trust Ltd (Court of Appeal) - 16 October 2008

The Court of Appeal decision in the case of Allied Domecq was handed down on 16 October 2008, following... More

Allonby v (1) Accrington & Rossendale College (2) Education Lecturing Services (3) Department for Education & Employment (Court of Appeal) - 25 November 2004

Ms Allonby’s claim Debra Allonby was part of a group of part-time lecturers whose employment with Accrington... More

Allonby v (1) Accrington & Rossendale College and others (European Court of Justice) - 13 January 2004

Facts Mrs Allonby's claim Debra Allonby was part of a group of part-time lecturers whose employment with... More

Amurta SGPS v Inspecteur van de Belastingdienst/Amsterdam (European Court of Justice) - 8 November 2007

The issue in this case was whether the Netherlands dividend withholding tax (WHT) regime, which provides... More

Anderson v The Trustees of the Yell Pension Plan (Deputy Pensions Ombudsman) - 6 July 2009

Although pension trustees are not typically involved in decisions relating to how or why an employer seeks... More

Andrews v (1) Barnett Waddingham (A Firm) (2) Raj Waddingham (Court of Appeal) - 21 February 2006

The negligent failure by consulting actuaries to advise about the extent of protection afforded by the... More

Annette Ellis v The Cabinet Office - 6 June 2014

In this appeal against a PO decision, the High Court found that: the PO had taken into account irrelevant... More

Aon Trust Corporation Limited v (1) KPMG (2) James (3) Walker (High Court) - 29 July 2004

Facts The KPMG Staff Pension Fund ("the Scheme") was established in 1949. Contributions representing a... More

Aon Trust Corporation Ltd v KPMG & others (Court of Appeal) - 28 July 2005

The Vice Chancellor’s decision last year, in the High Court, that the KPMG Staff Pension Fund (“the... More

Arcadia Group Limited v Arcadia Group Pension Trust Limited and AG Senior Executives Pension Trustee Limited - 31 July 2014

Background The issues raised in this case related to the extent, if any, to which CPI can be adopted in... More

Arjo Wiggins Limited v Henry Thomas Ralph (High Court) - 7 December 2009

The High Court has ruled that the Pensions Ombudsman must abide by the same time limits as are imposed... More

Armitage v Staveley Industries plc (High Court) - 18 October 2004

Facts The case concerned an application made by Mr Roderick Donald Armitage in respect of his pension entitlement.... More

Ascough v Worcestershire County Council (Pensions Ombudsman) - 22 January 2016

The PO held that there was no duty upon an employer to inform a member of the availability of an enhanced... More

Association Belge des Consommateurs Test-Achats ASBL and others (Advocate General: European Court of Justice) - 30 September 2010

The Advocate General (AG), Ms Kokott, delivered her opinion in this Belgian case on 30 September 2010.... More

Association Belge des Consommateurs Test-Achats ASBL and others (ECJ) - 1 March 2011

The judgment of the ECJ in the “Test-Achats” case was handed down on 1 March 2011.  This case challenged... More



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