Corporate activity

We provide strategic legal advice to the sponsoring employers of workplace pension schemes and corporate investors on all aspects of pensions and retirement savings.

We act for UK based businesses of all sizes and in all sectors including FTSE and SEC registered companies, Government bodies and charities.  Our unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience means that we have advised on most corporate issues many times.  Nothing surprises us.

This extensive experience enables us to take a commercial and pragmatic view on the best approach for your specific circumstances and to give you invaluable insights into the “do’s” and “don’ts” of a proposed course of action. We add value by helping to identify potential issues at an early stage.

Whilst pensions legislation and regulation can be complex and technical, our advice is always timely, clear, concise and delivered in plain English.  We cut through the technical jargon to give our clients a view on how best to achieve their objectives.

 How we can help

  • Advising on your corporate pension strategy
  • Advice relating to your defined benefit schemes, including managing DB risk.
  • Advice relating to your defined contribution arrangements, including automatic enrolment
  • Assessing health and group risk arrangements
  • Providing pensions input into M&A and restructurings
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Key issues in relation to tax for pensions
  • International pensions arrangements

 Recent experience

Some corporate clients ask us to advise on one-off, stand alone projects.  Others like us to offer them ongoing pensions support over the long-term, as and when they need it.

Many of our corporate projects require input from specialist banking and investment lawyers.  Here at Sackers, our team of lawyers has extensive experience of providing corporate clients with cutting-edge advice on the full range of innovative funding and de-risking solutions for defined benefit schemes.  The investment team works with sponsoring employers to achieve employer-led investment strategies for their workplace pension schemes.

We are often asked to provide services to other law firms who do not have the appropriate resources or expertise themselves, or where conflicts prevent their own pensions experts from acting.

We have experience of all types of transaction and transactional structures, from private mergers to distressed schemes. Many transactions have an international element and we regularly advise clients with no prior knowledge of the UK pensions system.

For more information

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