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Abbey National plc v Commissioners of Customs & Excise (European Court of Justice) - 4 May 2006

The ECJ ruled that although depositary services (which are services of supervision rather than management)... More

Aegon UK Corp Services Ltd v Roberts (Court of Appeal) - 21 July 2009

This case confirms that when employment tribunals are assessing compensation for unfair dismissal, tribunals... More

Alexander Forbes Trustee Services Ltd v Clarke & others (High Court) - 5 February 2008

This case was brought by Alexander Forbes Trustee Services Ltd in its capacity as trustee (the Trustee)... More

Alexander Forbes Trustee Services Ltd. v John Doe and Richard Roe (High Court) 5 September 2011

The High Court recently ruled that DC benefits were outside the winding-up priority order under the version... More

Alitalia-Linee Italiane SPA v Filippo Rotunno & others (High Court) - 8 February 2008

The case concerned an application to ascertain the basis on which the scheme needed to be funded, on the... More

Allied Domecq (Holdings) Limited v (1) Allied Domecq First Pension Trust Limited and (2) Allied Domecq Second Pension Trust Limited (High Court) - 7 December 2007

Background This case, brought in connection with two multi-employer schemes sponsored by Allied Domecq... More

Allied Domecq (Holdings) Ltd v Allied Domecq First Pension Trust Ltd (Court of Appeal) - 16 October 2008

The Court of Appeal decision in the case of Allied Domecq was handed down on 16 October 2008, following... More

Allonby v (1) Accrington & Rossendale College (2) Education Lecturing Services (3) Department for Education & Employment (Court of Appeal) - 25 November 2004

Ms Allonby’s claim Debra Allonby was part of a group of part-time lecturers whose employment with Accrington... More

Allonby v (1) Accrington & Rossendale College and others (European Court of Justice) - 13 January 2004

Facts Mrs Allonby's claim Debra Allonby was part of a group of part-time lecturers whose employment with... More

Amurta SGPS v Inspecteur van de Belastingdienst/Amsterdam (European Court of Justice) - 8 November 2007

The issue in this case was whether the Netherlands dividend withholding tax (WHT) regime, which provides... More

Anderson v The Trustees of the Yell Pension Plan (Deputy Pensions Ombudsman) - 5 July 2009

Although pension trustees are not typically involved in decisions relating to how or why an employer seeks... More

Andrews v (1) Barnett Waddingham (A Firm) (2) Raj Waddingham (Court of Appeal) - 21 February 2006

The negligent failure by consulting actuaries to advise about the extent of protection afforded by the... More

Annette Ellis v The Cabinet Office

In this appeal against a PO decision, the High Court found that: the PO had taken into account irrelevant... More

Aon Trust Corporation Limited v (1) KPMG (2) James (3) Walker (High Court) - 29 July 2004

Facts The KPMG Staff Pension Fund ("the Scheme") was established in 1949. Contributions representing a... More

Aon Trust Corporation Ltd v KPMG & others (Court of Appeal) - 28 July 2005

The Vice Chancellor’s decision last year, in the High Court, that the KPMG Staff Pension Fund (“the... More

Arcadia Group Limited v Arcadia Group Pension Trust Limited and AG Senior Executives Pension Trustee Limited

Background The issues raised in this case related to the extent, if any, to which CPI can be adopted in... More

Arjo Wiggins Limited v Henry Thomas Ralph (High Court) - 24 November 2009

The High Court has ruled that the Pensions Ombudsman must abide by the same time limits as are imposed... More

Armitage v Staveley Industries plc (High Court) - 18 October 2004

Facts The case concerned an application made by Mr Roderick Donald Armitage in respect of his pension entitlement.... More

Association Belge des Consommateurs Test-Achats ASBL and others (Advocate General: European Court of Justice) - 30 September 2010

The Advocate General (AG), Ms Kokott, delivered her opinion in this Belgian case on 30 September 2010.... More

Association Belge des Consommateurs Test-Achats ASBL and others (ECJ) - 1 March 2011

The judgment of the ECJ in the “Test-Achats” case was handed down on 1 March 2011.  This case challenged... More



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