We help trustees meet their ever-increasing responsibilities by providing practical advice in a user-friendly form.

  • Explaining trustees’ duties and responsibilities
  • Advising trustees on the requirements of their scheme rules
  • Providing practical advice on the exercise of trustee discretions
  • Advising on the legal and practical operation of the Trustee Board and how the trustees can delegate responsibilities
  • Providing up to date advice on the legal issues facing trustees, including legislative change
  • Preparing and reviewing comprehensive user-friendly pensions documentation
  • Advising in “crisis” situations (for example, in relation to funding issues) where the trustees need quick, practical and proactive advice
  • Providing a full service to trustees on scheme wind-ups
  • Advising trustees in relation to scheme governance issues, such as conflicts of interest.

Our trustee training programme is specifically designed to meet the needs of your scheme and will be tailored to your level of knowledge and expertise.

Modules are presented by Sackers’ experts who will help you meet the knowledge and understanding requirements in the Pensions Act 2004 and will guide you through existing and new rules.